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Hotel Frederikshavn is collaborating with Compas Hotel in Aalborg and Hotel Nyhavn in Copenhagen. 

Hotel Bethel

Kompas Hotel

Hotel Frederikshavn

Hotel Bethel, Nyhavn

Hotel Bethel Seamen’s Home – A cheap and cosy hotel in the central part of Copenhagen. It’s placed right by the canal in the popular location called Nyhavn. The restaurants up against the canal and the sailboats creates a unique atmosphere which Hotel Bethel is a part of. There are a lot of attractions in central Copenhagen, to mention a few we have Tivoli, The Kings Garden and the little mermaid. A short walk and you can get to Amalienborg, and from there you will have a nice view to the Copenhagen Opera House.

Kompas Hotel, Aalborg

KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg is one of the towns oldest and most popular hotels. They welcome you with open arms. If you are on a business trip, weekend stay or a minivacation then KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg is the right place for you. Everybody gets treated with dignity and it’s a cosy hotel with a lot to offer.